Hello NovelCity!!!

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Hello NovelCity!!!

NovelDay is fast approaching!  Momentum is building!  New interests are emerging from exciting companies such as GoogleFiber, Cerner, KC Bizjournal and more.

Now that we have this momentum we need to recognize that we have to make the most out of this valuable moment!  We have the opportunity to win and win BIG for our community, businesses and our personal lives!

Take a moment and reflect on where you were this time last year. Then envision where you want to be this time next year. Our desire is that the NovelDay Conference and NovelCity Chamber will be the resources that help you fulfill your entrepreneurial and innovative dreams! Think Novel, Take Risks.”

All the best to everyone and GET READY FOR NOVELDAY 2012!!!

Kind regards,
Jabbar Wesley- Executive Director & Founder
NovelCity Chamber of Innovation

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